Friday, April 9, 2010


Tanggal 15 Mei 1948 merupakan peristiwa hitam bagi rakyat Palestin dan ummat manusia amnya kerana pada tarikh ini, dengan rasminya tertubuh Negara Haram Israel. Peristiwa ini dikenali sebagai Nakhbah Palestin yang merujuk kepada penubuhan negara haram israel. Nakhbah sendiri bermaksud “malapetaka atau bencana besar”

Peristiwa ini bermula dengan terlaksanaya kependudukkan dan penjajahan haram oleh rejim zionis ke atas tanah dan penduduk asal Negara Palestin secara sistematik dengan bantuan PBB dan British.

Aqsa Syarif
Ditubuhkan dan didaftarkan di Malaysia sebagai suatu organisasi yang berprofil sukarela di atas dasar kemanusiaan. Aqsa Syarif memberi maksud “Masjid Yang Dimuliakan”. Aqsa Syarif mempunyai empat misi iaitu Penyebaran Maklumat, Bantuan Kemanusiaan, Bantuan Kewangan dan Kerjasama. Dianggotai oleh sembilan orang ahli lembaga dari berbagai latar belakang pendidikan dan kerjaya. Berganding bahu menyumbang tanaga dan fikiran untuk kebaikkan Palestin dan dunia secara amnya.

Monday, February 15, 2010

..Makan di KFC..

Assalamualaikum...masa tu,saya sekeluarga pergi ke Airpot KLIA....untuk hantar kakak saya,shifaa...
naik kapal terbang ke Jakarta...pergilah round-round kat KLIA...dah lama sikit..kawan-kawan kakak saya datang ke KLIA...banin dan banat pun siap sedia ambil pasport,lepas tu..polis pun cek pasport masing-masing,dan kakak saya....adik saya yang kecik tu nak pergi ke KFC...terpaksa la pergi...semasa kat KFC pesan makanan,dah pesan ternampak taman permainan apalagi mainlah..
pesanan dah siap!!!!!!!jom makan......mmmmmmmmmm..sedapnya sampai menjilat jari...slurpppp..
aaaa......kenyang nya....macam nak makan lagilah....assalamualaikum..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sultan Johor mangkat...

Kemangkatan DYMM Sultan Johor, Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail.

~Beliau ialah sultan yang berjiwa rakyat, tegas dan adil semasa pemerintahannya.

~Beliau juga adalah Yang Di Pertuan Agong yang ke 8.

~Membangunkan Negeri Johor sebagai salah satu negeri termaju di Malaysia.

~Beliau mangkat pada jam 7.15 malam di Hospital Seri Puteri Johor Bahru akibat Sesak nafas.


semua pelajar sekolah memakai songkok berlilit putih sebagai tanda kesedihan ..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 aqsa di palestin..

Al-Aqsa ....
Since the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967 the Zionist fundamentalists have staged over a hundred attacks on Masjid al Aqsa Haram Shareef. Until recently attacks on Masjid al Aqsa were in principle discouraged by the successive Israeli government.

However, the Zionists policy to remove all sites of religious significance belonging to the other faiths from Jerusalem has grown in momentum and the desire to build the Third Temple on the site of Masjid al Aqsa is becoming real. However, according to the Halachah, the Jewish code of law and doctrine, the most critical requirement for rebuilding the Temple, the coming of Messiah, has to be fulfilled. Hence the construction of the Temple until then would actually be in violation of Jewish beliefs. But, the Zionists and their parallel friends in the Christian Zionism have their enthusiasm outstripped by knowledge and from the time of occupation in 1967 Jews began their prayers in the area of Masjid al Aqsa Haram Shareef. Below is a brief list of attacks on Masjid al Aqsa since the illegal Zionist occupation of Jerusalem:

1967 Jewish zealots begin prayers within the Masjid al Aqsa sanctuary, despite the prohibition by the chief Rabbanate of Jews of even setting a foot in it (for fear of violating its sanctity according to Judaic law).

1969 Masjid al Aqsa set on fire. Entire south wing burnt down including the precious Mimbar (pulpit) of Nuradeen commissioned 700 years ago and installed by the great Muslim hero Salahuddin al Ayubi. The man found guilty had sought refuge in a kibbutz and was set free after receiving psychiatric counselling.

1970 Members of the Temple Mount Faithful group, dedicated to demolishing Masjid al Aqsa forcibly entered the Masjid al Aqsa. They were repulsed by the Muslims who suffered casualties from Israeli troop gunfire.

1976 Israeli Courts passed a law permitting Jews to pray in Masjid al Aqsa After much rioting, later to be revoked.

Sept 1979 Jewish extremists blocked one of the entrances to Masjid al Aqsa on Friday, pointing guns to worshippers.

May 1981 The adhan (call to Muslim prayer) was prohibited from the minaret overlooking the Western Wall because of Jewish celebration.

From 1980s Harassment and acts of sabotage escalated. In August of 1981 an Israeli helicopter hovered at low altitude over Masjid al Aqsa preventing worshippers inside from hearing the Khutba.

1981 Tunnels discovered under the Masjid al Aqsa sanctuary. World condemnation followed.

April 1982 A parcel with a fake bomb and threat signed by Jewish extremists was discovered at one of the gates.

April 1982 An ex Israeli army officer opened fire, killing two Muslims and filling the interior and exterior of the Dome of the Rock with bullet marks.

June 1982 An Israeli was arrested and then released for trying to blow up Masjid al Aqsa.

Summer 1982 Jewish fundamentalists attempted to enter Masjid al Aqsa with leaflets inciting Jews to take over the Haram Shareef.

Jan 1983 The Temple Mount Fund was established in Israel, Europe and America to raise funds for rebuilding the Jewish Temple on the site of Masjid al Aqsa.

March 1983 Explosives discovered at an entrance gate and four armed Israelis were discovered attempting to enter the Masjid al Aqsa. Six months later they were acquitted in Israeli courts.

Jan 1984 Jews attempted to climb the walls of Masjid al Aqsa with ladders in the middle of the night armed with ammunition.

1984 Armed Israeli guards start patrolling the Masjid al Aqsa. Their behaviour and presence inimical to the sanctity of Muslim holy site.

15 June 1988 Israeli troops stormed Masjid al Aqsa, firing tear gas into groups of worshippers

July 1988 Further tunnels discovered which sparked further unrest.

6 Oct 1990 Israeli troops opened fire on worshippers murdering 22 and wounding hundreds.

March 1996 Israelis re-opened a tunnel under the Masjid al Aqsa, resulting in confrontations, which resulted in the death of more than 70 Palestinians.
Tunnelling - The excavations under the Masjid al Aqsa are leading to dangerous cracks in buildings adjoining the Western Wall. Archaeologists believe that the tunnels have weakened the building structures within the Haram Shareef. It is believed that a slight tremor, which this area is prone to, will cause the Masjid al Aqsa to collapse. Many are of the opinion this is one of the main reasons for digging tunnels under the Masjid al Aqsa by the Zionists.

March 1997 Birth of a red heifer celebrated by Israelis as a sign from God to destroy the Masjid al Aqsa. This is to be accomplished when the heifer is 3 years old, coinciding with
March 2000.

Oct 1997 Zionist attempted to lay a 4.5 ton rock as a cornerstone for the foundation of their Temple but were repulsed.

May 1999 A recent book published is claiming that the Ark of the Covenant (a box containing the scrolls of Jewish Law from the time of Prophet Musa) is buried under the Masjid al Aqsa and should be retrieved. Although this theory is contrary to all modern scholarly research.

The Jewish fundamentalist aspiration to build a Jewish Temple has become more open. They openly declare their aims and objectives and are seeking financial and political backing from Europe and USA without any hindrance. Their architectural plans of the Temple are distributed throughout Jerusalem. The scale model together with various other aspects of the proposed Temple are placed in the lobby of Land Hotel, Jerusalem.

Recently around a dozen Jewish fundamentalist groups joined together to form an umbrella organisation called the United Association of Movement for the Holy Temple (UAMHT). Another staunch extremist group is of Gershom Solomon's, the Temple Mount Faithful. These groups are gripped in a frenzy of hate and ardent desire to blow up the Masjid al Aqsa

The UN Security Council has passed more than 20 resolutions condemning Israels annexation of East Jerusalem and its military occupation of the West Bank.
If the Israeli enthusiasm for moving Palestinians out of their houses is anything to go by, not to mention their history of blowing them up, then all concerned individuals had better keep an eye on Masjid al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock. Because every day that passes the pressure is increasing. The Jewish extremists historically and theologically challenged viewpoint is working its way into the mainstream and is actively being taken up by parallel groups of Zionist Christian extremists who believe that the construction of the Temple would herald the End Times and the return of Jesus, peace be upon him. It is up to the honourable members of the International community to check their advance.

We at, Friends of Al Aqsa are trying to increase awareness to the dangers faced by Masjid al Aqsa and lobby appropriate departments to insure its safety.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Atok mak keluar dari hospital....

Alhamdulillah, pada hari ini 16 Jan

2010 Jam 12.00 tengah hari (setelah 1 bulan 4 hari), atok emak telah dibenarkan balik ke rumah setelah berada dan menjalani rawatan di Klinik Pakar An Nur dan Hospital Serdang semenjak 12 Dis. 2009. Ketika mak long sampai dari JB beberapa minit selepas atok emak sampai di kediaman mak usu di UNITEN, atok emak sudah duduk di sofa ruang tamu mak usu dan disebelahnya atok abah. anak cucu mengerumuni dan rasa bersyukur di atas anugerah ALlah mengurniakan kesihatan kepada atok emak setakat ini. Walaupun atok emak maseh perlu menjalani proses perubatan, tetapi kehadiran di rumah menceriakan suasana. Atok emak maseh perlu berihat dan memakan ubat-ubatan dan vitamin. Atok emak juga perlu menjalani dialisis untuk mengantikan sebahagian buah peranan buah pinggang atok yang masih belum berfungsi sepenuhnya. Pergeakan atok emak dengan kerusi roda. Emak Uda akan menjaga dengan rapi atok emak dan sesekali adik-beradik akan datang mengunjungi atok emak di Bangi. Semoga atok emak akan segera recover dan sehat sepenuhnya. Gambar: anak-anak dan menantu diperkarangan rumah dalam keadaan ceria kerana atok emak semakin sembuh.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Atok Emak Mula Bernafas Tanpa Mesin

Semenjak dimasukkan ke wad CCU Hospital Serdang atok emak tidak sedarkan diri dan terpaksa di bantu dengan sistem support seperti pernafasan ventilator (oksigen), makan melalui saloran (tube feeding), kemasukan beberapa jenis ubat seperti antibiotik (menghalang jangkitan pernafasan), lasix (membuang air dalam badan), mofin (tahan sakit), midazolam (penenang/tidor), i.v. drip untuk tenaga, blood transfusion (tambah darah 2 pint) serta buangan najis cecair (urine catheter) dan najis pejal dengan nappi.
Pada 2 Muharam 1431 / 19 Dis 2009 (selepas 6 hari di wad CCU), sebahagian bantuan di atas dibuka dan atok emak telah bernafas sendiri dengan hanya menggunakan oxygen mask. Pemakanan masih menggunakan bahan liquid (tube feeding). Namun atok emak masih tidak sedar, hanya sesekali membuka mata dan menggerakkan anggota tangan dan kaki. Keseluruhan pernafasan, heart bit, tekanan darah masih dipantu dengan alat yang dipasang di beberapa bahagian tubuh badan dan display di monitor berhampiran. Tekanan darah dan heart bit sesekali naik apabila atok emak membuka mata dan menunjukkan keinginan dengan berkomunikasi dengan sesiapa yang datang ziarah. Oleh itu anak cucu yang datang ziarah semampu mungkin tidak menyentuh dan mengejutkan atok emak. Atok emak masih peru berihat sepenuhnya bagi menstabilkan pernafasan dan sistam jantungnya.

Kini anak cucu masih berkampung di Bangi (UNITEN) dan sentiasa menziarahi atok emak waktu tengah hari dan petang secara bergilir-gilir sambil membacakan ayat-ayat qur'an dan berdo'a agar atok emak segera sembuh dan dapat balik.

Sama-sama kita sebagai anak dan cucu yang selama ini menerima berbagai bantuan dan pertolongan dari atok emak insaf, mendoakan atok emak dan memohon maaf kepada atok emak akan pelbagai kesilapan yang anak cucu mungkin lakukan. Pengorbanan dan kebaikan atok emak dan atok abah tidak dapat kita semua balas atau bayar walaupun dengan apa juga masa dan harta yang kita miliki. Jika tidak dengan kasih sayang dan pertolongan atok emak dan atok abah (biiznillah), sukar kita semua untuk berada di tahap yang ada kini. Insaf dan sama-samalah kita dekatkan diri kepada Allah swt, pemilik segala kehidupan ini. Dengan meningkatkan keimanan dan ketaqwaan, Insya Allah akan dipermudahkan proses perubatan dan mempercepatkan atok emak sembuh dan sihat seperti sedia kala Insya Allah.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

..di smart camp kabare...

Semasa saya perjalanan ke smart camp kabare....saya tak sabar nak sampai ke smart camp kabare.Waktu azan magrib..Ayah saya memandu dengan laju untuk kemasjid. Tiba di masjid... Saya segere mengambil wuduk untuk solat magrib..Selepas solat magrib... Semua masuk ke van untuk pergi ke sekolah sri jaya...Bila tiba di sekolah sri jaya..semua mengambil barang-barang untuk memasukkan ke dalam bilik...Tiba waktu azan isyak...Semua murid kabare pergi ke masjid sri jaya...sesudah habis solat isyak.. semua murid kabare pergi ke kantin...Abang Aiman mula memberi motivasi untuk semua murid kabare dan abang Aiman memberi semua murid kabare menengok cerita bertajuk "CIPAN YANG PANDAI MEMASAK"dalam bahasa jepun...Yang paling pelik abang Aiman mereke video"MELODI" tiba-tiba ada dua abang Aiman di dalam video itu!!!
Lepas tu..Abang aiman membuat game yang bertajuk "jalan-jalan cari kawan". Abang aiman memberi sehelai kertas untuk menanda tangan atau tulis nama kawan..Dalam masa lima minit!!
Semua murid kabare tergopoh-gapah untuk mencari kawan..Sudah habis masa dalam lima minit...
Abang Aiman cek kertas masing-masing..Selepas itu,semua murid kabare masuk tidur...Pada hari kedua..semua murid bangun tidur untuk solat subuh.Selepas habis solat subuh...semua murid pergi ke tapak tun hussen untuk membuat aktiviti...